VAS II series pneumatic shock and collision test system has a high degree of automation and can be used for the shock test of conventional half-sine wave, postpeak sawtooth wave, and trapezoidal wave etc. This novel designed shock testing equipment is easy to operate and it is used to test product’s ability to withstand the shock of destruction in actual use, in this way we can evaluate the product’s adaptability to the shock environment and optimize the product structure strength according to the experimental data. We believe the excellent evaluation of product’s ability against shock can efficiently improve the reliability of product in use.

● Shock table
Shock table is made of high-strength aerospace aluminum, so it has excellent strength and uniformity. Table is positioned by the guide shaft in order to prevent it from rotation or deviation in other directions.

● Precision guide shaft
Chromed high-precision guide shaft and low friction sliding bearings extends the machine’s service life greatly. There is safety locking device on the guide shaft, so it is easy to replace the waveform generator and install the samples.

● Anti secondary shock brake device
VAS II brake device uses pneumatic and hydraulic turbocharger and can clamp and lock the shock table in a very short reaction time to prevent the shock table from a second shock.

● Table lifting system
Guiding type high-frequency cylinder lifting system moves up and down through precise displacement sensor continuously and smoothly to fulfil the accuracy and repeatability of shock.

Shock-absorption cushion
There are dumping devices on both sides of the cushion which have shock-absorption function. Air cushion with large displacement can minimize the effect of the shock to the lab floor from instant shock.

waveform generator
Waveform generator can generate different waves by changing different waveform generators, such as half-sine wave, trapezoidal wave and postpeak sawtooth wave.

Shock control system
ASK01 is the shock control system based on windows operating system It has friendly control interface and combines with any measurement system to achieve automatic pneumatic shock test fully.


VASII technological advantages

● Anti-explosion, environmental protection and energy saving
VAS II series shock and collision testbed uses the latest international technology in high-performance pneumatic shock and collision test system which has functions of anti-explosion, environmental protection and energy saving. It also uses imported guiding type high-frequency & high-speed cylinder to proceed lifting drive and pressurized shocks.

● Dual purpose table for shock and collision test
VAS II system can perform both shock and collision test. The switches of different testings are completely controlled by computer software.

● Big shock energy
Guiding type bidirectional pressurized high-frequency & high-speed cylinder can realize the free-fall shock velocity can reach 2200mm within a short distance of 500mm and the maximum shock velocity variation being up to 12m/s.

● Good accelerated collision waveform and high repeatability
The collision velocity can be minimized to 30m/ s² by VAS II system, much better than 50m/ s² which the traditional systems can do.

● High collision frequency, big energy,
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The collision velocity can be minimized to 30m/ s² by VAS II system, much better than 50m/ s² which the traditional systems can do.

● International leader of this kind of products
We searched the global professional manufacturer of all products, however, we haven’t found any similar product so far, We confirm that VAS II shock testing equipments are at global leading level which have advantages of top-rated technology, full-featured design, reliable quality and some others.

● Good ability of non-standard product design
VAS II shock test machine has very strong scalability of indicators. FNS has the ability to meet customers’ requirements since its technology department can undertake the design of non-standard shock test system with high-frequency and high-energy according to customers’ needs such as required table size, load weight, shock acceleration, pulse width, frequency, etc.

VAS II series shock testing equipment specifications:

1、Please note that the frequency range during the collision test is based on the frequency which can be achieved when the maximum velocity change rate is lower than 2m/s, however, when it’s higher than 2m/s, the maximum frequency maybe less than the upper limit value in the written table.

2、In the collision test, when the velocity changes less than 0.65m/s, in order to ensure the reliability and stability of the test, the inhibiting devide has to be put on.

3、During the shock test, please note that the maximum acceleration refers to the maximum acceleration of no-loading. As the load increases, the maximum acceleration will be reduced accordingly.

4、When the velocity changes less than 0.3m/s, the repeatability of shock or collision will be inferior accordingly.