VAS I series pneumatic shock test machine is used to test product’s ability to withstand shock and destruction in actual use, in this way we can evaluate the shock resistance of product structure and optimize the strength of product structure according to the experimental data. Excellent evaluation of product’s ability against shock can efficiently improve the reliability of product in use. In laboratory tests, we simulate the destruction or shock which can possibly happen to the packaging during the transportation, thereby to evaluate if the packaging cushioning or damping can protect the product from shock.

● Dual purpose table for shock and collision test
VAS I shock testing equipment can perform both shock and collision tests. The switches of different testings are completely controlled by computer software.
● High collision frequency and big energy without foundation
VAS I shock test machine has high-performance collision function and the maximum free-fall height can be up to 600mm When the free-fall height is 60mm, the maximum collision frequency can reach 120 beats/min. Since VAS I shock testing equipments has shock-absorbing airbags and damping device, foundation is not needed in use.
● Good accelerated collision waveform and and high repeatability
The collision velocity can be minimized to 30m/ s by VAS I system, much better than 50m/ s which the traditional systems can do.