TMC is specialized in designing and manufacturing various kinds of testing and measuring equipment. Not only do we have professional experts, we also have good customer service team, so we can guarantee the quality and reliability of our machines.

TMC has its own technical engineers and they devote themselves to designing and developing products. TMC engineers use their own talent to meet customers’ requirements. They aim to exceed the international advanced technology and make TMC the world’s leading testing and measuring system manufacturer.


* Wide frequency range, low stray magnetic field and low-weight construction

* Good at analyzing mechanical behavior of parts and assemblies

* Customization capability of non-standard products

* State-of-the-art technology

* Meet ISO, IEC, MIL and other international standards

We are honored if you can join us to develop and expand the application fields of the core technology, for the mutual benefits, and sincerely hope you can share your precious using users experience with us as well. If you have some ideas, please click here to let us know, we are very glad to hear from you.