With the rapid growth of our export trade, our products and brand have attracted much international attention. In the last few years, our R&D team deeply realize that there is never a lack of competition in this market, we just need to become better and better and continue to innovate in order to even survive here.

Today it’s a pleasure to share with you all that our centrifuge research and development has made a big leap. Recently we have exported a new advanced centrifuge.

Compared with the old type centrifuge, the new one has many improvements, such as faster acceleration and deceleration, more aesthetic appearance, less noise, more highly cost effective.

The most important advantage is the more high safety coefficient. We use a large number of more high quality materials to ensure the structure of the machine is solid and secure enough. So high repeatability is also a new bright spot of our centrifuge.

We have built a strict quality-monitoring framework to control the quality of the raw materials and ensure that our products are of good quality. In production, 5S management code, ISO9001 system, standardized managing, and metrological verification are applied and quality control measures are taken in every link.

We are deeply aware that the interests of our customers are our interests and win-win is the goal we always pursue. We not only provide high quality products and services for customers, but also focus on establishing long-term strategic relationship with each customer.