MHI series bevel shock test machine is a new shock testing system which is suitable for bevel tests under different conditions. However, MHI series bevel shock testing equipment is mainly used to simulate product’s ability to withstand the shock during actual transportation, e.g. shock caused by carry, handling, carriage replacing, emergency braking etc. This environmental testing machine is suitable for bevel shock test in the industries like packaging technology center, manufactory of packages, transportation etc.

performance features

MHI shock test machine can meet the basic test criterias for the package transportation. The angel between the surface of the guide rail and horizon is 10°and the length of the rail is 7m. You need to pull the small analog trolley on the test table to the upper part of the ramp, release the trolley and let it hits the dam-board after sliding down, then the test is completed. The products can slide long and the shock dam-board squares to the guide rail with high test precision in order to conform to the shock happens in actual environment.

⊙ Flexiable positioned electric sliding trolley which is easy to fix the position and achieves required speed test value.
⊙ With low sliding height which is good for the installation of tested products.
⊙ Sliding board can be adjusted to be horizontal and it is easy for the installation of the tested products.
⊙ Be operated by remote control and fully ensures the safety of test operators.
⊙ Only need to fix the machine on the floor during installation and there are no other complicated procedures, so it is easy to test.