HSRS series pneumatic shock response spectrum test machine is a high quality shock testing equipment used to complete the shock response spectrum in environmental test. This kind of shock testing equipment can efficiently react much real impact on equipment damage, so we can analyse the impact of product design implementation.

Shock response spectrum test has become one of the environmental testings which has to be done in the field of aviation, aerospace, military-related research & production, major science & technology and some others.

HSRS series pneumatic shock response spectrum test machine consists of four parts and they are horizontal impact host, control system, measuring system and matched air source.

Horizontal shock host consists of shock response spectrum resonance table, impact hammer, impact cylinder,cushion, brake device and base.

● Resonant table is made of high-strength die-casting aerospace aluminum plate and has excellent strength and uniformity. Resonant table is guided by the imported horizontal guide rail and connected with the guide rail through the damping material. The table is smooth, so we can prevent it from rotation or deviation on one hand and ensure the frequency response of the table on the other.

● The shock hammer, which drives the high-speed impact shock response spectrum resonace table by shocking the cylinder, is intalled on the horizontal shock table through the horizontal guide rail. The shock hammer can be reset by reseting the cylinder.

● Shock cylinder mainly produces the horizontal impact speed and can move bidirectionally. FNS has applied for a patent for the impact cylinder which is very reliable and has fast accelaration and large energy.